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Experience Mind - Your partner in development

Experience Mind (operating under Experience Group Ltd.) is the team of professionals – experts in their own field, enjoying working in the international business environment, helping companies to grow and manage their resources.

We focus on providing professional Consulting and in-house Trainings. Our consultants have been working for international players like “Procter and Gamble” and Microsoft. They have gained experience working on international projects of differing scale and have real life business experience from 11 to more than 35 years each.

Experience Mind is specializing in FMCG sector offering the expertise of Baltic (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia) market and international counselling in areas like:

  • Personal Development;
  • Business Strategy;
  • Customer Business Development;
  • Shopper engagement and other.


Each project requires strong collaboration and alignment among multiple stakeholders. We help business leaders / top management to identify the development priorities. The Experience Mind team then focuses on these priorities, maximizing the value our clients can generate with each completed project. Learn more


We help clients to build their employees knowledge and capabilities by providing the in-house trainings. The main goal of every training is to improve individual (or team) performance resulting in value creation for the client. Learn more